How to develop high performance teams

November 13, 2012

Ruth Barratt, a clinical assistant professor of management at the W. P. Carey School of Business, is teaching a class for small business owners on forming and leading high performance teams. Hear what she has to say about the stages of team formation, and why you should take care to nourish the group. Barratt is teaching in the 2012 Small Business Leadership Academy (SBLA) presented by W. P. Carey’s Center for Executive and Professional Development.

Part One: Barratt explains that developing your crew to the point where they are working together well is not the end of your job as a leader:

Part Two: Barratt talks about how to nurture the interpersonal connections in your team – even when hard times and lean budgets mean that the big holiday party is out:

Part Three: Brainstorming can yield  new ideas that lead to innovation. Here Barratt gets pracrtical about the best way to run a brainstorming session.